DAVID M DONOVAN | Cell: 601-506-8002 | Office: 601-707-5555

David Donovan

Commercial Real Estate Agent

Let's make your business grow! David brings his extensive knowledge of commercial building systems as well as an IT and Digital marketing background to Sperry Global Affiliates – JD Johnson Realty. As your commercial real estate agent, David brings a unique and valuable set of skills to the table. David has experience as a commercial electrician, sizeable commercial building HVAC specialist for the US government, a 20+ year background in IT(Computers), digital marketing, and a 10+ year background in Real Estate photography and media creation. He can help protect your interests and fulfill your needs when buying or selling commercial properties and do so with a marketing proficiency; you will be delighted to experience.
David is also native of the Jackson, MS area. Having grown up in North Jackson and has lived in South Jackson and now resides in the Ross Barnett Reservoir area. David crisscrosses the Jackson Metro area daily as a Real Estate photographer for the last ten years, so he is very familiar with the area and has been heavily involved in Real Estate marketing for some time.